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Santa Left A Letter

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, written 12/11/2011

Waited all night for Santa Clause but he never showed

Mommy and Daddy were a sleeping while I watched it snow.

I stayed at the top of the stairs so I could see his face

But he never came down and out of our fireplace.

My momma and I baked him up some cookies to eat

Left a glass of milk to wash em down, oh what a treat.

I looked up at our clock, there on the wall

And I knew that Santa wasn't coming after all.

I knew that I hadn't been the best of kids

While I sat there wondering what it was that I did.

I just knew that he wasn't bringing any presents for me

And I sat there all night and cried myself to sleep.

How was it that I woke up in my own bed

When my brother yelled hey look sis, it's my new sled.

I upped and hurried right down the stairs

And saw all the presents that were laying there.

Santa left a letter, and here's what it said

I saw that you were sleeping so I tucked you in bed.

Thanks for the milk and cookies, my little friend

And I'll be stopping at your house next year again..

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