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The Game

By: storyofmylife

Page 1, i wrote this last week. it isnt reflecting how i feel now, but rather how i have felt before...with a better ending because i wasn\'t as strong as this girl in the poem is. but thats the beauty of writing.

The Game
December 15, 2008
Sitting here, all alone
I wonder what I’d say,
If we could go back in time
And do this some other way
I know you don’t believe me
When I say that this isn’t right
But honesty and trust
Don’t make people fight
Screaming the words
That I’ve been saying since the start
But you still don’t hear them
I can’t seem to get to your heart
I’m pleading with you
Can’t you see it in my eyes?
But you look right through me
You think that they’re all lies
You distance yourself
You’d rather be away
What I try to tell you
Doesn’t matter anyway
Your words cut deep
But my tears don’t dissuade you
I feel so weak
Why don’t you feel it too?
Maybe I’m the one to blame
Maybe you’re right
Still, I can’t help but think
That you can’t see my side
I know I don’t understand
Everything you’re going through
But if only you’d talk
That’s all I ask of you
I feel as if I’m no one to you
Just an accidental acquaintance
Someone you could live without
It all happened by some unlucky chance
My words seem insignificant
My thoughts not worth saying
I guess it’s for the best
That you’re winning at the game you’re playing
If tearing me down
Was your intention
Than you have succeeded
That goes without mention
But if you can stand here and say you love me
After all I’ve gone through
Than you’re sadly mistaken
I’m already over you

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