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angel the clouds


Page 1, This is a poem wrote when thinking about my elder brother who passed away when i was 9 years of age

Now thou is an angel,

In the palace of the sky.

Taken away too soon,

Its so hard to say goodbye.


Why was thou taken so early?

The best go first.

Taken prisoner in the cloud,

The shock was the worst.


Standing opaque,

Guiding one through troubles.

We were one.

The same or double?


I know your forever in ones heart

Growing old in ones mind

But why must we be apart?

why arent thou by ones side?


Gone forever

But never truly dead,

Alive in ones memory

Alive in ones head.


19 years of age

Thou too young to join the spirits

Thou would've became so much

Lived life to its  limits.


Theres no going back now

This cant be undone

Taken thou most precious to one

This time thy lord has won

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