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By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Excitment peaks when you anticipate seeing something hidden or forbiden.


Mystique heightens anticipation galore

A peep show leaves you wanting more

You strain to see through the girls veil

This affects all, but strong for the male


When she crosses her legs, you strain to peek

If she bends forward, a breast shot you seek

Eyeing her thigh through the slit in her gown

Waiting to see how just how she sits down


When a girl is naked some interest wanes

Nothing left to anticipate, nothing remains

Looking in lighted windows every night time

Voyeuristically searching for some great find


Waiting for a girl in the short skirt to bend

Just to see an ass cheek or curly old friend

Or wondering about that bump in his pants

Imagining the shape and size when he stands


We all find a little mystique excites us more

Curious to know what is beyond the door

Cover your assets and make other’s guess

Just exactly what it is, that we all possess


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