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By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Too many people only have their own agenda in mind. Self-Indulgent people will lie and cheat to get what they want. We need to be more cautious of people. This is unfortunate but true.


Self-indulgence is becoming our drug of choice

One sound rings above all others, our own voice

Our desires, dreams and wishes, all that matter

Other people voicing their needs, just idle chatter

This hedonistic view often causes others’ much pain

Exerting ourselves, when we have something to gain

Family men, cheating on wives, because it feels good

The swindlers, bilking others, just because they could


Guys tell girls whatever; just to get into their pants

Girls flaunting their sexuality, just to get a guy’s glance

People wanting comments; that never read your works

People giving nothing and still expecting all the perks


The whole world revolving around me, myself and I

Intense personal gratification all that makes you high

Justifying any means, for your happiness in the end

Kissing up, then stabbing in the back; just a phony friend


I have decided not to give the benefit of the doubt

Until I have ascertained what each person is about

It might sound cynical, but the world has shown me

Not to be so blindly trusting, not all is, as it should be


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