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Laced with poison.

By: sweet agony xo

Page 1, Just something i wrote about my ex and his slut of a new girl. he doesn\'t understand what she is like. but he will one day.

Those toxic eyes she'll throw a gaze.

Her fingers laced with poison, she touches you with impatience.

Her heart lined with razors, she's cutting you deep.

A souless creature is she, anguish is pulsing within her veins.


You don't know it yet, but you will.

She has her nails in you so deep, the pain you cannot sense.

It will come, oh yes, you have not tasted her venom.

The sting is still sweet, the burn has not yet hit.


The dream of her is better than the reality.

You think you know her, you think you understand.

You don't.

Those toxic eyes she threw you a gaze, you gazed back.













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