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see that girl?

By: sweet agony xo

Page 1, about a girl, maybe me, maybe not.

do you see her?

sitting over their?

that girl,

that silent girl,

not doing anything inparticular,

just staring into space,

staring into her thought.

wondering, thinking, hoping, wishing.

you cann see a single tear,

form in the corner of her eye.

a piece of skin peels from her erractic, sunburnt heart,

look at her,

see her,

hear her silence,

that girl over their.

her overwhelming life is crashing down.

falling tumbling all around.

she dreadsĀ wgat the next day will bring,

and resents the hidden mystery of the rest of her life.

see that girl,

that girl over their.

the one who is smiling,

acts like everything is delightul,

she is breaking,

she is broken,

the cracks are getting harder to cover up.

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