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your perfect, hes great.

By: sweet agony xo

Page 1, just something i wrote about my life atm.when your in love with two absoulutely brilliant guys. life isnt fare sometimes and you have to choose..

your perfect

he's great

you hold me

he wait's

i see the look in his eyes

he wants me

but so do you.


this is so confusing

i dont know what to do

your both to good for me

so who should i choose?


cooped up in this situation

just wanting to hold you both

for no matter what i do

someone is going to get hurt

someone is going to ache

im going to yearn for both of you

but only one i can take.


why do you both

feel this way for me

im not the kinda person

i wish that i could be.


just please let me go

your to amazing for me

i'll crawl into my hole

and forget anything that was meant to be.

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