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A Poem For Mum !

By: SweetSecrets

Page 1, A mothers day poem !

                                                     Mum, I want to thank you
                                                                                                     For everything you've done.
For helping me through my pain
And all my struggles I've overcome.

You always listen to my problems
And try your best to understand.
You are always here to help me
Whenever I need a hand.

You have told me right from wrong.
Always shown me the right way.
So thank you, Mum, for making me
The person I am today.

You show your love so easily.
I can tell how much you care.
When I need a hug or a shoulder to cry on
I know you are always there.

You're there when I need to talk
And always there to wipe away my tears.
You're there to keep me safe and warm
And help me overcome my fears.

You give me great advice
And support me with whatever I do.
You give me all the answers
When I haven't got a clue.

I know you have your worries,
But don't worry, I'll be fine.
You're the Mother that makes me stronger
And I'm so happy that you're mine.

So thanks again,
For being the best Mum in the world.
And know that I am so thankful
That I'll always be your little girl.

To my Mother
And my best friend.
I will love you always
Untill the very end.

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