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Reading Teacher

Poetry By: swimFire

This is a poem I wrote last year in reading, I was in a "gifted" class along with two of my three best friends, and the teacher made us write poems for pretty much everything, this one was about how it was our last year in middle school.
I seriously thought about turning this in but then realized she'd fail me and I'd have to spend another year with her so I wrote another one and turned that in.
GATE stands for "Gifted And Talented Education", which I only point out cuz it comes up a few times in this poem. So yeah.

Submitted:Mar 20, 2009    Reads: 389    Comments: 14    Likes: 4   

The End
A tribute to a certain teacher
The end of school is finally here
High school is getting near
I'll miss my teachers
I'll miss my friends
But we know this is not the end
I have to go
But before I do
I just want to say…
I hated writing this poem
and I wish I never had to
and that you would go away
and that I HATE POETRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So have fun with your labels of rude and disrespectful
Self-esteem lowering
Stuck up and spoiled
You taught me not to care
About what others thought
Then turned right around
And ruined it all
You really were a jerk
I used to like you.
You taught me to present
And sort of to be fair
You think that you're my second mom
But I think if I got to choose
Who my 'mom' would be
It wouldn't be you
You see.
I'd rather live with Dana
Even though she has no dogs
At least she doesn't make me work for her
And lie (that much)
Or bitch at me(too much)
Or yell (too much)
Or hate on me (ever)
So now do you see?
I don't want to be like you
I would rather you stop assuming
And take your own advice
Don't be a hypocrite
And be nice to others.
Didn't your family
Teach you the golden rule?
You're supposed to treat others
Like you want to be treated
And do you want people
Walking around behind your back
Saying you're rude and disrespectful
And lower people's self esteem?
And they say that to your best friends too.
Well, we already do.
But anyway.
You're lucky I have such amazing friends
Or I may have told Mr. Barringer about you
And how much you hate us.
And how you talk crap behind our backs
I do talk to people you know
We know everything you've ever said about us
And if you keep it up
You'll remember too.
As you get kicked out the door
And asked not to return
And by the way,
I already did tell people about you
And that you keep a knife in your desk
And that you're bipolar
And should probably be in jail for child labor.
And by the way,
If you really think you want to be my second 'mom'
You might want to stop talking about me.
Cuz it's not good.
And my mom wouldn't do that
Even though she does scream a lot
And yell
And call me Tim sometimes
But she's allowed to do stuff like that
Because she's my mom
And so there.
You, on the other hand, are a creepy teacher
Who keeps knives in her desk
And should probably be in jail.
You and your rants that 'aren't rants'
About why we shouldn't do drugs
Thanks for the information
But we learned all that in health
From your favorite teacher Ms. Stuckey
She taught us all about them
Crack (I think you're on it)
Meth (See above comment)
Ecstasy (See above comment)
And all those other ones
And if it makes you feel any better
I knew it all already
I've been through health class
And by the way,
Ms. Stuckey taught us smoking and drinking were bad
Which you can now stop repeating
Because you are NOT a health teacher!
And your idol Ms. Stuckey apparently
Drinks or something
So maybe you should go
Give her your Alcoholics Anonymous lecture.
I mean not-rant.
Excuse me.
And I think
When I agreed over the summer
To be part of GATE again
That the contract thing said
That I was
Signing up for a gifted reading class
Not an Alcoholics Anonymous session
Or any variation of the aforementioned
So stop with the not-rants
And I won't even say please
Because I hate you that much
So much,
That it might kill me to force out
One more six letter word
And I'm sure you would appreciate that.
If I died, I mean.
And no one wants to do your projects for you
Paint your own damn flowerpots
On your own damn time.
We have stuff to do
Like those impossible projects
That you give us 120 minutes to do
Because by the time you're done
With your 20 minute daily not-rants
About why we shouldn't do drugs
And why gangsters are losers
We only have an hour left out of our
80 minute class period
And it's really hard to make anything perfect
In 120 minutes.
Would you like a try at it?
I didn't think so.
You know why you don't want to?
Because you know it's not possible.
Have you ever heard that saying,
'Don't make people do anything you
Yourself wouldn't do?'
Did you ever think about following it?
Because if you wouldn't want to sit through
A daily 20 minute not-rant
About why not to do drugs
Why would you make someone else?
If you wouldn't want
To paint someone else's flower pots
Because you have stuff to do yourself
Because you need to pass this class
To get away from someone
That constantly hates on you
Behind your back
And thinks you don't know about it
Which would you rather do?
Paint a flower pot?
Or get what you need to do done?
I thought so.
So why would you make
Someone else paint a flowerpot
When they have stuff to do?
And you're so nosy!
You're worse than Shivani
Why does it matter to you
If Megan likes anyone?
Why does it matter to you
If Dana and I hang out outside of school?
Why does it matter to you
If my mom talks fast?
If you were my second mother
(Which, in case you haven't figured it out yet, you're NOT)
You would know that.
But you're not my second mother
You are last on my list
All you are
Is a scary teacher
Who keeps a knife in her desk
And thinks she's an Alcoholics Anonymous leader
But guess what?
It's Alcoholics ANONYMOUS for a REASON!
They don't HAVE leaders that they know
and we know you
so that wouldn't work well for you
And how you randomly
Attack people?
Like we walk in one day
And your first words
Are "You're not sitting there
Because you'll talk."
And the day before
You were like,
"You've improved so much!
You've been on task all week!"
And you yell at people for breathing wrong
Or something lame like that
And personally, I do think that there's a reason
Dana never finishes her work on time.
She does come up with lame excuses about it
But it's because she doesn't want to finish it
None of us do
But Dana feels the need to come up with lame excuses
And while they are lame, at least she's protesting.
She's standing up for her beliefs
In her own strange way
And, if I remember right,
Standing up for what we believe in
Is something YOU taught us
Did it ever occur to you
That the reason we cheer so loudly
When you say we have Mr. Kapes for a sub
Is because it means we have a day without you.
And that the reason we run errands for you
Is because the less time we spend with you
The better?
And what's with the poetry
I know I said that already
About how I signed up for a gifted READING class
Well, what the hell are we doing
Doing math
And poetry
In reading?
And yeah, I said hell.
And to go back to the nosy thing
Why are you asking?
I know you love talking shit about us
Behind our backs
And deluding yourself into thinking
That we don't know
But after we found out the first time
And the second time
That you talk about us
Didn't you notice
We stopped telling you more than you asked?
We do know what you say about us
To your sixth and seventh graders
That you supposedly don't like
Then why don't you hate on them?
You're so repetitive.
You set double standards.
You're repetitive.
You are a hypocrite.
You repeat yourself.
You pretty much say do as I say not as I do
Oh wait,
That was repetitive wasn't it?
It was.
Just in case you couldn't tell.
It annoyed you didn't it?
Once you figured out that it was repetitive
(Except you probably have to go back
And reread it
Because you didn't notice it was repetitive
Because you didn't notice it was repetitive)
And you do that to us every day.
I think everyone has a song
That fits their personality
I have a few picked out for you
The top one on my list being
Hate(I really Don't Like You.)
Plain White T's.
Pirates of the Caribbean is a very nice movie
Wouldn't you like to be a ship's captain?
You'd get to be in charge of people!
But I want you to
Try to be the captain of a ship
I would pay good money to see that
And watch how fast your crew throws you overboard
Sometimes we really have to wonder
If you know what you're doing
Sometimes we really have to wonder
Who you cheated off to get your teacher's license
Yeah I went there
And why do you always have the lights off?
It's kinda creepy.
Like if you keep the room dark
So when you finally take out that knife
It'll be harder for us to say who stabbed who
Cuz we won't have been able to see
You were nice
Isn't it funny to think
We actually all thought that once?
That we thought you were nice?
And that you
Were the only teacher we would ever want?
It's amusing to look back now
And to think I thought that once
And you have insane expectations.
How did we not notice that ever?
Just because we're older doesn't mean we don't need
The same amount of time
To do a project
We went over this
It's in the Bible, too
Do unto others as you want done unto you
Something like that
The point is the same
Don't make someone do something you wouldn't
If you wouldn't want less than an hour
To make a perfect project
Or else
Why would you give someone less than an hour
To make a perfect project
Or else?
And, being with you for five years,
I have come up with multiple
Awards you could win from the Oscars
One of them being Best Actress
And the winner?
This class
You know why?
Don't act like you don't
Because we had to act like you didn't act
Like you don't expect us to be perfect
And we had to act like you didn't act
Like you don't treat us
Like we're supposed to be perfect
But as soon as someone breathes funny
You scream and scream at them
It's good lunch time conversation
They could make a few new awards too
That YOU could win
A few could be
Best Lunchtime Conversation Causing Actress
Oh wow, TWO Oscars!
And you weren't even in a movie!
You probably don't appreciate them too much
So we'll even give you the
Most Ungrateful Recipient award too.
THREE Oscars!
(Just in case you were having issues adding that)
I hope you have room for them somewhere.
And what's with the Junior Great Books?
Don't give us the
'The district wants you to read them' crap
We all know it's not true.
We have inside people that tell us these things
They're fun in third grade
And maybe fourth grade
But after that, they're not.
Can you please pick
Something a little more creative?
I mean, I don't want to
Hurt your little Valley Girl brain,
Trying to be creative or anything,
But how hard can it be?
And the Gifted Kids Survival Guide
PLEASE don't tell me you deluded
Yourself into thinking
Someone actually read that??
We read enough to like,
Write the journal entries
Half the time we didn't even read that much
Again, don't give us the 'District Wants It' crap.
Cuz they don't
And we all know that
You stand outside the door
And listen to our conversations
When you have to 'go to the ladies room'
Or something.
We aren't stupid
You teach a gifted class, remember?
You probably don't.
But you do teach a gifted class.
Three of them, actually.
And the yoga?
You're kidding right?
I know for sure I never signed anything saying
I would participate in yoga.
Did you really expect us to like, not laugh
When the tape is telling us to breathe to our toes?
And then like, twist into awkward positions?
It's weird.
Go teach Yoga at the park district.
I'm sure they're looking for spacey people
Who are 'high-stress'
And love to do yoga
When they're not
sharpening the knives in their desk drawers
Or something.
And you're always like,
People learn differently, and they have different
Learning styles and you have to respect that
Have you ever actually respected that?
Some people learn by repeating
If you ever actually paid attention while they were
Teaching you stuff in teacher school
You would know that.
All the other teachers know that
Why don't you?
You're the one
Who sits there and preaches at us
About people learning differently
You're like a preacher
Who's secretly an ax murderer
You tell people not to kill
During the sermon
And then, as soon as church is over
You go kill people
Hypocritical much?
And how you randomly start hating on people?
You hate on people more than this poem!
And it's like, long.
Like 14 pages long.
And you're on page 13
(In case you were having issues counting)
I could make a novel if I wanted to
But I don't
(not right now anyway.
Maybe in a few years)
So you got off lucky today.
When we talked about someone in front of you
You'd be all like, "Who is that?"
And we'd tell you,
because we were naïve and stupid like that
And then, you'd suddenly be hating on the person
Who's identity you were asking about
Not even a minute before
And honestly,
No one cares about how much you don't like someone
Keep it to yourself
I know you have a hard time doing that,
As demonstrated by the fact you take about us
But can you make an effort?
Keep a diary
Or practice yoga
Aren't you the one always saying
Yoga is good for you when you're stressed?
And now you're probably saying
That you never said that
Because that's what you do
And you know what?
I have less than a week to put up with you.
And you know what?
If you ever apologize
About what a bitch you've been to us
I've got a song picked out for you
And I'm going to back now
And talk about poetry again
Isn't this the awkwardest poem ever?
It's just weird
And badly…
I don't even know what it is.
Oh well.
I guess five years
Of torture with you
Still hasn't taught me to write poetry
Too bad.
Guess I'll never be a poet.
'Cuz that was always my life goal.
So good bye to it all
I'm leaving you
And I'm leaving Spring Hood
And I never have to see you again.
Thank God.


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