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By: tahir139

Page 1, The worst thing in life is when children grow up and place their parents in old retirement homes...i have written on this aspect trying to speak about the cruelty involved


              Once young, now old, battered and worn

        Parents abandoned by children earn their scorn


      Forgetting the love once parents showered their way

     Rearing and protecting, raising them up, night and day      


         Left alone, discarded and forgotten, they await

                Withering away, victims of cruel fate


        Holding memories of yesteryear, vanished and gone

        When live was full of pleasure and a beautiful song


            Knowing neither weakness of body or mind

               When love and joy were there’s to find


                Now old, they lie alone and often cry

               Yearning for love, they moan and sigh


                 None to hear their lament and cries

                 No one attends to their hue and fies


                 Death brings relief to the weary old

                 The curtain of life draws to a close








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