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foolish world

By: tarekbaziz

Page 1, this poem talks about the ugly and plain reality of the human kind (hope you\'ll like it)

Foolish world


Live alone like a monk in this cold piece of junk
some people call it earth well for me it’s just a dirt
Full of lies and deception this world is no more a heaven
Technology is getting better while virtue is going under
No trust is to be found nor happiness on this ground
Some are eating jelly and butter while others are dying from hunger
Some are laughing all the time others are losing their loved ones
Money is all that matters only losers care about their mothers
No pride no courage humans indulge in carnage
No purity no belief for religion is just a leaf
A leaf in the way of wind swept away like an old trend
Everywhere is hypocrisy and greed humans will never be freed
They will always be in chain their only care is how to gain
Forgetting god and afterlife thinking money will save their lives
Better stop and be wise for many kings have lived and die


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