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I'm Heading into the Dark

By: Tarr

Page 1, I\'m lost and people are always trying to get what u have

You're heading into the night, waiting til dawn, You're tired of all the people, you wanted to be gone, It may get dark, being there all alone, But there's always a light, trying to guide you back home, Sometimes this light, leads you the wrong way, Leading you to people, that just can't stay away, But their not after you, their after what you got, The light that'll lead you home, is what they might've sought, So you run scared of what you might get into, The world so wild, it seems like a zoo, So you follow the light, hoping to find a new story, But your running in circles, never finding any glory, Same old people, same ole' path, I never knew this story, was ever meant to last.

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