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Different Views

By: Tatia Shurgaia

Page 1, For those who are too busy looking at the minor negatives of life instead of looking at the brighter side.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of it all,

You look at people and you suddenly feel so small.

Nothing ever goes right for you,

And you keep making mistakes.

When you thought life has done the worse,

Everything was put on reverse.

People look at you as if you're a spider on the wall,

Waiting for the moment when you'll finally fall.

They think you're a menace,

And you believe it yourself.

Thinking to yourself things like killing yourself,

Maybe they'll be happy?

Stop being a know-it-all becuase they won't be.

No one wants to see you die,

No one wants to hear you cry.

No one wants to find you on the floor,

Holding onto the last seconds of your dear life.

This is what life is about,

Getting hit hard, but you can still get up.

You can walk out the room and whistle to the birds,

Looking so tough even when life is so rough.

No one wants to see a person looking so worried,

You are what you show yourself to be,

So stop being a victim, stop being so sorried.

Just remember that some people's lives have hourglasses with only a few of grains left,

They wait until there's no more,but they are still so glad.

Blood flows in your veins,

And you can see the world,

And you can feel the warmth,

Why do you choose to allow people to make you so weak?

Words only hurt when you allow them to burn,

You play it in your head until you put your head down to bed.

You should tell yourself your beautiful instead.

Don't forget that you won't have much to fear when you start wiping your tears,

Life gets better when you stop caring so much,

If only you enjoyed the positives of life as much as you dreaded on the least important of life.

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