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Love For Animals

By: Tatia Shurgaia

Page 1, Expressing my enormous love for animals.


Animals are beautiful,

Innocent and full of love.

They cherish their owners,

And give them their hearts.


Once in school a priest said "Animals don't have feelings,"

When I furiously got up, he said "Where are you going?"

I looked him in the eyes and told him a dog saved my mother's life.


When I cried my dog would sit by my side and whine,

He would lick my tears away and when I was scared he would make me feel fine.


A cat once helped stop a fire,

Where a month old baby was bound to die and choke on a wire.


So I love those animals who aren't like us,

They're not greedy, and don't ask for much.


They just want love and an owner to dedicate themselves to,

Along with some treats and belly rubs too.


So love those animals because they are so pure,

Care for those who give unconditional love and act like a cure.


Forget those who teach other wise,

Because when you spend time with an animal,

You'll fall in love, and I hope they'll make you feel like you have a prize.


You'll never find anyone as loyal, caring and nice.

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