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The Darkness Is My Home

By: TatteredTime

Page 1, The Darkness is waiting for you, come one come all and welcome to the Darkness...


The Darkness

The Darkness is your friend
The Darkness is not your foe
It crawls in from lights fall
And breathes a hallow voice
The epitome of night
The sepulcher of light
What lies in between is darkness

You cannot run from the Darkness
The Darkness is everywhere
Yet no where all at once
The Darkness is within us all
We cannot run from ourselves
We cannot hide from ourselves
We can only embrace The Darkness

Tell me, why do some fear the Darkness?
The Darkness is our best friend
It's always there when we need it most
Not light, not you, not your family
But only The Darkness
It comforts you like a blanket
A cold dusk filled blanket

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