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A Life forgotten

By: Tesseth

Page 1, Thinking about "Life" and how little it is respected. Unfortunately based on some friends of mine & how they choose to handle situations in their lives (over & over again, not once, twice, but 3 times...& counting).

"Life" is one huge word
It speaks volumes in every language
It's meaningful all over the world
"Life" is an immense concept

"Life" isn't meant to be squandered
It's meant to be respected
Seriously pondered
Never carelessly neglected

"Life" isn't something you just forget
It's not just a thought
Not simply an object
It's too often taken for granted
Too often thrown in a trash can

Every day we end a life or two (thousand)
Their meanings tidied up with
It's a "mistake", just a "problem"

I'm sorry this is the way too many feel
I know it's a decision that's all too real
I know for some it's a complicated situation
A rape, a child w/child, or a medical condition

It's the ones who I know personally
Who take the decision too lightly
Oops I had sex & now I'm pregnant
But, I don't want to be in this situation
Even though they couldn'nt bother to get a prescription
Now they'll make the appointment to get an abortion

I am truly sorry for the small souls created
The ones forgotten & for whom death is slated
I'm sorry that they didn't get a choice
The ones who matter most don't ever get a voice

Someone who could've lived on to become
Someone & something to every one
Because when we ask
Why hasn't God sent us
A healer, someone with all the answers?
Someone to save us from Aids or cancer?

God will answer
He will simply say
I did
But, you chose
To throw them away.

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