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Can You Imagine

By: Tesseth

Page 1, Some people choose to ignore people with depression rather than reach out.

Can you imagine how they feel?
Can you imagine what that pain is like?

Would you believe they could be so low
That they didn't want this life?
That they've lost all hope,
That they can't see any light?

Can you imagine they believe
That their pain will never end?
That this is all they'll know,
That their suffering won't transcend?

Can you imagine how bad it could seep?
How far they could fall
Beyond your reach?

Instead, you choose to believe
That they'll just wake up one day,
Snap out of it
And finally find their way.

You choose to believe
That their happiness is your
And that their saddness is
A reflecton of your own deeds

So you choose to ignore
The signs
The voices screaming
From their eyes

Because it's easier for you
To sit by & pretend
That there's nothing you can do
That their feelings will just end

Can you imagine
how long they'll wait
For a sign that your love is there?
Can you imagine
you hold their fate,
They need to know that you care???

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