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Her Lies

By: Tesseth

Page 1, You just see it far too often--- people pretending to be someone that they're not. Low self-esteem paired with the fact that they're constantly being told (family, "friends", media!) that they can & should (!) change/fix/improve/surgically enhance every single thing (hair, teeth, eye color, skin, weight, clothes, personalities) about themselves and then their life will be perfect. Too sad.

Her lies
Emit from her being
Without speaking at all
They radiate from her essence
Towering large and tall

Her lies
Are painted on her face
Worn like a grotesque mask
Make-up caking every corner
Defining every crack

She lies
When she is there with you
And when she is all alone
Not being who she really is
Not knowing what's her own

She lies
Due to her confusion
False expectations breed
She thinks she's just not good enough
The world's lies she does believe.

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