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I Need

By: Tesseth

Page 1, An honest expression of what I need...oh, I'm not really this sappy! (am I???)

I don't need roses
To feel your love
I don't need letters
To say I'm "the one"

I need your body
Held against mine
I need your strong hands
To hold through tough times

I need your courage
When I can't fight
I need your strong faith
When mine loses sight

I need your sweet voice
To say you care
I need your kindness
When I'm lost & scared

I need your soft touch
On my sad face
I need your two arms
I need your embrace

But I don't need roses
Or petals to the bed
I just need your shoulder
A place to rest my head

And I don't need letters
To tell me how you feel
I just need your presence
To prove your love is real.

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