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I Want To Kill Tinkerbell

By: Tesseth

Page 1, Sorry...had to write this. Some may see this as an obvious reference to a specific certain someone here....and others well, may be blissfully oblivious. Must be nice. Not trying to be mean, just growing weary. Sorry, usually, I have more patience. Really.

I want to kill Tinkerbell...
She's gonna make me do it!
So damn perky,
I'm ready to say, "screw this!"

She's way TOO happy!
Don't you know what I mean?
I'm glad people are content,
But THIS is obscene!

Like a cute little bug
Buzzing in my face.
Too cute for me
She belongs in another "space"!

Good Lord people,
I'm not here to judge...
But why isn't someone else
Saying "This is ENOUGH!"

I was sort-of amused
At first glance, I admit.
But, now, I'm getting ill,
I just can't stand it!

I want to kill Tinkerbell!
Yes, and I will confess.
I'll just say,
"I killed Tinkerbell
Because she was a pest."

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