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Release Me...

By: Tesseth

Page 1, Wrote this for a poetry "game/competition/contest" where you write a poem off the top of your head to go with a picture. This particular pic was of a naked woman squatting in a bottle... guess there's alot of things that could come to mind with such an image... here's what came to mine:


Release Me...
I am all yours
I wait impatient
For what's in store

Free Me...
To do your will
To dance, to sway
Your desires fulfilled

Take Me...
Into your arms
Enter this fantasy
Expose my charms

Have Me...
Your wicked dreams
Your twisted lust
They're safe with me

Take Me...
Down on my knees
No struggles here
Just yes, yes, PLEASE!

Free Me...
For just tonight
I'll be all yours
No wrong, just right

Release Me...
And with that first kiss
You'll know at last
What Passion is...

**Stevie ExXXX

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