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The Rape of Bambi

By: Tesseth

Page 1, Don\'t read this --- you may be OFFENDED!

"The Rape of Bambi"
Did I say that?
Got your attention?
That's pretty bad

It's REALLY sad
That for a few
Kidnapping and rape
Is what they DO

It's too sad
That for some
Kidnapping and rape
Is such great "fun"

It's REALLY sad
To actually see
Kidnapping and rape
Is what they read

Pathetically sad
If you don't mind
Kidnapping and rape
I'm not that "type"

Not happy that some
Just don't love it too?
Kidnapping and rape
Do your parent's approve?

Maybe, just maybe
There's not a "problem"
If you get to write it
Then they get to comment!

Can't take the opinion?
Even when it‘s "nice"
Then take it from me
Here's some advice

Don't read this --- you may be OFFENDED!

Hey, if you don't like it,
Don't read their comment!
Funny huh? Kind of hard to do?
Probably what they thought 
Reading your 'work' too

I wrote this without "hate"
But here's my little premise
Write what you want
Just don't read the comments

Or don't get bent out of shape
When someone says
"hey you write great"
"hopefully next time
it's not about rape"

Feel free to comment me
Unless you plan to be rude
Like the words say in
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Aww shucks...
I thought the next one
Was gonna have MORE fun
Maybe something with a child
Or hey! Maybe animals---
THAT would be WILD!

I'm done,
For now.

Peace  (and yes, I see the irony)


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