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Hawk of the Parking Lot

By: The Novelist

Page 1, A nice little poem that i\'m proud of. and it rhymes. i don\'t get a poem that doesn\'t rhyme except haikus.

In front of a popular restaurant,

which was called the Big Steaming Pot,

lived an arrogant bird on a lamppost,

deemed the hawk of the parking lot.

This bird of prey was greedy and mean,

swooping down from his perch so high up,

to steal a morsel or two of food,

or maybe a full to-go cup.

Then back to his nest, he would soar over to,

and eat the delicious fried food,

the he’d wait till his next victim arrived,

and he’d again do what most people found rude.

Over, and over, this parking lot hawk,

would steal with a glint in his eye,

and every theft was a prize filled success,

and the best prize was chicken pot pie.

Forty-two days, this had gone on for,

and citizens were becoming annoyed,

the owner of the Big Steaming Pot was mad,

and so animal control was employed.

On the day that animal control would come,

the hawk was enjoying a good score,

then as the hawk was finishing his steak,

down to the perch, an osprey did soar.

“I hear that you’ve been bothering humans,”

said the osprey with great authority,

“I’ve come to warn you about animal control,

it was a vote by the humans’ majority.”

The Hawk of the parking lot looked up with boredom,

“I can take a couple of guys”,

the hawk resumed eating his beefy choice cut,

and the osprey gave a couple more tries.

“You should be out in the prairies and grasslands,

eating all the rodents you find,

what you’re doing right here is not very skilled,

and they’ll catch you and your bones they will grind.”

The hawk looked up from the food with disgust,

What was this, a limerick? he thought,

“I don’t I really care about being skilled,

this is paradise! I mean look what i’ve got!”

The osprey shook his head with frustration and pity,

he felt bad for the young bird of prey,

he gave one more shot as animal control came,

and if it didn’t work, he would then say good day.

“I’m warning you, hawk, you have just got to go,

I’m old and I’ve seen quite a bit,

I have seen the best of soarers and predators,

be taken down by the humans’ tough grit.”

But sadly the hawk waved away this last warning,

and the osprey said good luck and flew off,

the hawk finished his delicious cooked food,

as the animal control’s truck came with a cough.

A well built man stepped out of the truck,

and the hawk looked at him and glared,

the man held in his hands, a net,

and at the hawk, the intimidating man stared.

A ladder was brought to the lamppost and sett,

and the hawk began feeling uneasy,

as the man began climbing up the ladder,

the hawk felt that his talons were greasy.

The man came to the top of the ladder,

and the gave out a loud screech,

the man brought the net up with both of his hands,

a lesson the hawk would have to teach.

the net came down fast, but the hawk was faster,

and he soared up with tremendous speed,

he came back around with his talons wide open,

but done, would soon be the deed.

Alas, the hawk made a move for the net,

and around it, his talons did go,

but with the previously mentioned grease on his claws,

the hawk slipped and (upside-down) swung to and fro.

The man made use of this situation,

and grabbed the hawk with his hands,

he stuffed the hawk into the net and descended,

leaving the hawk to the think think about grasslands.

I should‘ve listened to that osprey,

the hawk thought as he struggled in the net,

but the man brought the hawk to the cage,

and left him there to worry and fret.

The animal control man drove away,

with the hawk in the back of the truck,

the poor bird of prey tried to squawk and screech,

but the man ignored him, which sucked.

Two days had past since that day had come,

and the hawk was still in a cage,

he was due for release in exactly one hour,

and the hawk had lost all his rage.

The time had come and the man with the truck,

carried the hawk to the back,

but the hawk just simply didn’t care anymore,

so protest, the hawk really lacked.

Out to the prairies the man drove to,

and released the hawk from his jail,

the hawk waddled out, though cautiously,

then soared up, really up, quite a scale.

The hawk considered, in the midst of his freedom flight,

if he should go back to the town,

then he decided against it as he spotted a vole,

and swooped down to claim what he’d found.

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