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I Was Bullied...

Poetry By: TheAchingHeart

I have been bullied all my life for being overweight, for my hair being too frizzy, for my clothes, for my looks. It got worse in middle school. Every day I'd beg my mother to let me stay home because I didn't want to go back. Groups of students would torture me before school even started, and I'd call my mom just 10 minutes after dropping me off, tears streaming from my eyes, begging her to pick me up. This was every day. In all 7 classes I had, I was tortured and bullied in all 7. Teachers did NOTHING. I begged a teacher to move students away, and he told me to grow up. The bullying was much worse than this, but I thought I'd write a poem that expresses how I feel. It's not very good, but please read it anyway.

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Darkness follows me everywhere,
It's hard not to be afraid,
I live with demons making jokes,
about all the life choices I've made.
Made fun of all my years of life,
I never had a chance,
They'd laugh, point and walk away,
with only just one glance.
I never knew what friendship was,
at school I stood alone,
Until others made me start to cry,
as I called my mom to take me home.
I'd lay my head down on the desk,
to dream of a different place,
but, really, I was hiding the tears,
that had been streaming down my face.
spit balls always in my hair,
names called across the hall,
hands pushing and shoving me violently,
trying to make me fall.
fat red F's across every paper,
my parent's not impressed,
But I assured them everything was fine,
and this time I'd try my best.
Teachers looking passed my eyes,
not seeing the pain that dwelled within,
They never knew I begged my mother every morn,
to not send me to this hell again.
I began faking being sick,
and staying home just cause I could,
afraid of getting tortured again,
deep down, I knew I would.
I tried my best to follow through,
but each day was misery,
I was harassed every single day,
and my parents fought because of me.
I locked myself in my room,
waiting for the day,
I decided I had enough,
and I would run away.
Run away to a far off place,
where no one knew my name,
where I no longer had to suffer,
and hang my head in shame.
The day I longed for never came,
and I lost all my pride,
so instead of living my own life,
I decided to always hide.
I hid away in my home,
I dropped out of school,
Not because I was lazy,
or I thought that it was cool.
Students made my life hell,
as teachers would sit and stare,
as if they were making fun of a wall,
as if I wasn't there.
The other day I came across,
a law I read aloud,
that had tears streaming down my face:
"No bullying allowed"
Bullying ruined my entire life,
made me hate who I am,
but in Florida bullying is not allowed,
yeah, like they give a damn.
They told me to give them all of their names,
and said they wouldn't know who told,
but as the day came and went,
my name was marked in bold.
My mother had to park close to the school,
I had to stay after the bell,
so no one could hurt me anymore
in the place that I called hell.
No one tried to save my life,
No one tried to make me see,
that I was not a failure,
that they believed in me.
So here I am still broken and cold,
sitting all alone,
in this new hell I've created,
the place that I call home.


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