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AFTER CHRISTMAS MIRACLE-- dedicated to Ben A Vanguarde and Brenda

By: thumblina

Page 1, This poem is dedicated to my secret santa Ben A Vanguarde Thank you brenda THANK YOU


Was having one of the worst christmas ever

Was feelimg damn low

My best friend had not wished me till i wished

A very old friend kind off gave happiness but

Caught me and told me that i dont deserve it

It was like u make a bird fly but later hold its wing

Shake it and immediadely pull it to the ground

And say u dont deserve it....

Then lost my favourite pendrive

It was an awful day........wanted someone

To hug me n make me feel warm and safe

I felt lonely.......wanted to talk to someone

All my friends were having fun. parting,dancing

I wanted to go out and not watch tv alone

Like any other ordinary day

but I wanted to have my share of fun

I tried to sleep on hugged my pillow swallowed my tears and slept

Next day i get this message from Ben A Vanguarde

Which gave me happiness he is like this link to my

Journey from tears to happiness

He also told me that my other frnd Brenda was helping me

Thank you Brenda and Ben A Vanguarde

Really appreciate what your doing for me

Your my Santa claus



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