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Ben Hardstaff,Ben A Vanguarde & sachinnavneet-dedications 4 u

By: thumblina

Page 1, this is a poem dedicated to my new friends Ben Hardstaff and Ben A Vanguarde.....for making my life worth living

I am sitting on my bed
thinking about how to pen my next poem,
suddenly my phone viberates,
I immediately take my phone in my hand and
what I see??
I see there are three notifications from Booksie
It read Thumblina you have two fan request
I couldnt stop smiling and crying at the same time
because ,with every request I get
I feel my thoughts and my feeling from my heart are touching someone
and they are accepting me,a stranger and
making me a part of their lives,
Thank you Ben Hardstaff , Ben A Vanguardeand Sachinnavneet
for adding me into your lives
and making me feel special every minute
I have a reason to write now
and I hope to see you happy and joyfull always
Thank you once again to make my life worthliving
and to make me feel special and loved

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