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By: thumblina

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Again one of those days are back
when finally I start feeling happy
and the clouds of sadness creeps in 
My heart aches every second
I thought you said you don't leave 
Your friends forever
then what happened to the promise
if it was something that I did
or something that I said
then I can tell you that
I am truly sorry and would not be
happy for the rest of my life not knowing
what made you leave even without telling me
If anybody wants to take me out of their life
atleast do me a favour and tell the reason or 
at least let me know that this is the last time 
we are gonna be in touch and part away with
no hard feelings in our hearts
It really aches,when I don't know
whether to worry or be upset with you
when you vanish from my life even without 
saying "GOOD BYE"
Trust me it really hurts deep inside my heart

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