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For- EdwardJBradleySr,Lacy Cornwall and Faithrightmier

By: thumblina

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last night after looging off Booksie
I brushed my teeth and was offering my last prayer of the day
I just wished that God could spare two minutes of his time 
to listen and grant ma a wish
and wish was that EdwardJBradleySr could send me a fan request
well thinking about this a slipped into deep slumber
in the morning after getting up
I looked at Almighty's face and then looked at my phone
and I was spellboubd to find that my wish had come true
EdwardJBradleySr had sent a request, looking at this I ran 
out of words,I couldnt believe that I would be in his life
I couldnt stop myself from grabbing a pen and penning this 
on the paper and while I was  doing this
my phone buzzed and my joy was doubled when I saw that 
I was requested to add two more friends in my life and they are
Lacy Cornwall and Faithrightmier 
Thank you for being a part of my life and taking me in your life
I wish to make a mark as a good poet or a writer in my life
Thank you for being with me and supporting me in
accomplishing my goal and making my dream come true

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