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By: thumblina

Page 1, This poem is dedicated to a very special person

Many many happy returns of the day My life ,my world, my love

This day is just not your birthday

But in some way a blessing for me

Your my reason of my existence

So this day is just not special for you

But very special for me too

Wish I could hug you,meet you

And tell you how special you are for me

I just want to hold your hand in mine

Look into your sparkling and loving eyes

And get sucked into the beautiful moment

I wish I can freeze the moment forever

where we are in each others arms

I miss those days when you were close to me

and I could see you first thing I got up

And you would be the last I saw before going to bed,

how i miss those times I wish them to come back

and knock the door of my heart

and wipe all my tears

I wish GOD grants all your wishes

Your 'The apple of my eye'...

Our love is like the wind

I cant see it but can feel it for sure

I hope our love lasts for ever n ever

Our love should be strong enough

Even for death to part us.....

Your one in a million, and I can die 100times

Just to be with you for one day....

I love you with all my heart

and hope God grants my wish to grant you your wishes



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