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Poem is dedicated to "Venlockheart , Criss sole and Dynamic12"

By: thumblina

Page 1, This poem is dedicated to Venlockheart,Criss sole and Dynamic12

It was Monday and i was having fixed feelings about life

But once i received the friend request from

“Venlockheart” I was happy

But the moment i received comment and friend request by

Criss sole my day became happier

And the moment Dynamic12

Commented and sent a friend request my day

All the more became better


To me you're like an angel, sent by God above,

To cleanse my soul of sadness, and fill it with love.

You are my inspiration and I want to thank you,

For without you,

The meaning for my exsistence in Booksie

Has no value

It is because of my friends in Booksie

That I feel alive and feel like writing

My thoughts,ideas and heart feeling

On paper and online

So Thank you very much to make me a part of your life


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