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Love Me

By: tigergoddess81

Page 1, Just the way I want to be treated in a relationship...

Love MeĀ 

Look at me,
like you never want to look away.
Talk to me,
like it's the last time we'll speak.
Listen to me,
like you've never heard before.
Laugh with me,
like it's the best time of your life.
Touch me,
like I am a delicate flower.
Hug me,
like you can't let go.
Kiss me,
like you were in another world.
Protect me,
like you'd give your life for mine.
Make love to me,
like all time has stopped.
Cherish me,
like a precious gem.
Honor me,
like there was no one better.
Compliment me,
like you couldn't bare me to forget.
Love me,
like I was the last one on earth.

Jessica Tucker

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