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World Reform

By: tigergoddess81

Page 1, Looking at my kids, thinking about the world....

World Reform
by:Jessica Tucker

I dream of rewriting history,
the world today would be a mystery.
If we hadn't spent our time on war,
maybe we'd have a better score,
in the race of technology,
instead of that in theology.
Possibly the cure for cancer,
or the meaning of life's, answer.
How 'bout the missing link in evolution,
or reverse the course of earth's pollution.
Maybe a change in global warming,
with worldwide reforming.
Could we have found life on Mars,
or be living side by side with the stars.
Breathe without wearing a mask,
or think the right questions to ask,
of just what distinction,
we use to stop extinction.
The world of today,
lies tomorrow, in decay.
We must change the way our lives are spent,
or our children of tomorrow, live in torment.

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