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Skin (Sensual)

By: Tony Hart

Page 1, Sensual expression of love

Your skin

My skin

Our skin

That’s all we need.

The sweet scent of your caramel skin,

It ignites something deep inside of me.

I ran my fingers along your bare skin,

Our lips collide

The taste of your breath is intoxicating

As our tongues engage in this slow dance

I ran my fingers through your hair.

Take a nibble of your full, velvet lips

And gently ran my lips along your neck

A musical breath of ecstasy you expel,

As I work my lips toward your loving mounds

A gentle flick of the tongue on the tip of both

More pleasure-filled notes you begin to sing

I slowly work my lips lower

Tracing the contours of your body with my tongue

Your skin tastes of passion

Your skin smells of desire

Your skin feels of love

Your fingers are slowly gliding through my hair,

As my lips kiss the entrance of your valley of pleasure

My tongue slowly snakes out

And explores your hidden territory

Gliding pass every crevice

Lapping up the sweet nectar

Maneuvering my tongue in and out

Whist caressing your caramel mounds

Retrace the trail of my tongue back to your lips

You submit to my desire

I submit to your yearning

Slowly we position ourselves for the inevitable

As our horizontal waltz begins

We lock each other in a gaze

Slow and rhythmic

Our moaning duets become the soundtrack of this scene

Slow and rhythmic

You dig your fingers in the skin of my back

Slowly we pick up speed

Slowly our song crescendos in to a harmonious pleasure

As we both ravish each other’s flesh

Animalistic ways come out the deeper our expressions of love grow

At the peak of our romantic escape

The last moans of pleasure flow from our lips

Laying in the essence of our bodies we hold each other

Skin on skin

Eternally entrapped in that moment of love.

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