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Go Ahead..

By: Tuppa

Page 1, A song, I have written without any music. Enjoy...

Something causes the change in me,

I am no longer the same as I used to be.

You have spoken the unspoken words,

Silence in the wind speaks to my heart.

The craziness of mind ended in the dark,

I am standing at the light of the planet earth.

You have rescued me from my acquisition,

I am free from world’s charges of speculation.

Southern sky walks with your blessings,

The golden heart’s feeling is getting in.

A pain in your eyes light up my beginning;

Whenever I am drawn to my own world,

You haven’t said a word at all.

All days know a ray has a hope,

Time changes the meek guy to brave heart.

My fate is not written on the wind,

The breezes find me hard to define.

I have written it for the new world to fly,

It will never be lost after I die.

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