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How the World is today

Poetry By: tvmotltf134

This is just a poem about the sad things going on in the world. Please comment.
Thank you.

Submitted:Aug 9, 2009    Reads: 481    Comments: 3    Likes: 5   

Cry for help.
I am a girl
Crushed by the weight of the World
I feel people's sadness, depression, despondency
Desolation, pain and grief
I feel their hurt
I see what they go through
I hear their cries
I hear them calling for benefit
Aid, relief and comfort
I see homeless people on the street
Their faces filled with sadness
I see beggars on the streets
Their cups waiting to be filled
I see their pain, desperation,
Desolation and anguish
I see children
Hungry, tired and desperate
I feel their isolation, solitude and seclusion
I feel their desperation
I hear their cry for love
I see families
Torn apart by war
Children are left
Fatherless, Motherless and Orphans
I feel their sadness and grief
I feel what they go through
I see some leaders
Living the five star life
Living in multi-million dollar houses
While their people are homeless
Having food on the table
While their people starve
Having clean water to drink
While their people don't
Hardly ever thinking
"How will I cope?"
Hardly putting themselves
In other peoples shoes
Some have no care in the World
Selfishness, injustice and corruptness
Goes on in their heart
While their people suffer
I see homes
I hear screams of Children
Being abused by parents
And family members
I feel their hurt and pain
I feel angry
Anger swells in my heart
Looking at all the images
Children battered and bruised
For no reason
Their cries pierce my heart
I want to help them but I can't
I wonder how hatred
Can get into someone's heart
I want to put an end to this
But theirs nothing I can do
I see young boys and girls
In slavery
Far away from home
Some live a good life
Some don't
Some live
Some die
Some live to see their Families again
Some don't
These children leave home
Hoping to help their Family
Hardly knowing the trap set for them
Having to work for harsh, cruel masters
And having to bear the pain of brutality
I want to remove these images from my head
But I can't
My mind drifts off to parents
Searching for their children
Wondering what has happened to them
Preparing to sacrifice anything
To bring them back
I see their children
Frightened and alone
Wondering where their
Mummy and Daddy are
While thousands of miles away,
Their parents are worried sick
Some never see their children again
I see Women
Going through brutality
Locked up and made to work as slaves
Waiting for freedom
Clinging onto hope
They wait for freedom
They want to break free
They want to be heard
They want to be free
They wait for the day they'll be free
Free to do what they want
They long for the day
The day of freedom
The only words I can hear
These words ring in my head
All the time
When will the World Change?
I wonder
Standing at the back of a building
My eyes drift off though the walls
I see a young woman
Wasting her life, taking drugs
Drinking alcohol, smoking,
Not thinking about tomorrow
Not thinking about her final exams
Failing them and not having a job
She's wasting her life
But she doesn't know it
I watch her enter a car with friends
Who are probably drunk
There's nothing I can do
There's nothing I can say
She's in another country
Another continent
I can't reach her
The young woman starts to drive
Recklessly across the road
It doesn't take long
Before she looses control of the car,
Crashes into a tree
And the car bursts into flames
I'm not sure if she survived
But I didn't want to see
Her lifeless, burnt body
The young woman had a misadventure
War is going on through
The world;
People home's are lost and
They loose loved ones
And memories
They are sad and very desperate
People who survive the war
Are left poor and hungry
They are left in refugee camps
Wondering how they'll
Start all over again
I know the World has lots of problems
But through the corner of my eye
I see people;
Men, Women and Children
Working tirelessly to make our World a better place
I feel their strong determination and hope for the future
I see them going to the most isolated parts of the World,
Visiting the poorest of the poor,
Providing comfort and help
Making charities to help millions of people,
Building homes for them to live in;
Providing money for them to start all over again
Helping children have a better future,
By sponsoring them,
They go to school,
Get medical support and have enough money
To have food on the table and clean water to drink
People's lives have been changed by these marvellous ways of kindness
I see world leaders
Working together to make the world a better place
They want to change the suffering and heartache
Going on in the World
They strive for a World where there's
Peace and happiness
Where suffering, war, horrific crimes, corruptness,
Depression, despondency, injustice, selfishness, child abuse,
Women abuse, brutality, pain, anguish, isolation, seclusion,
Solitude, racial discrimination, animal cruelty, slavery
And other problems don't exist
I see families at Christmas Eve
Wrapping presents for people
Who are less fortunate than they are
Hoping to make someone's Christmas day
A very happy memory
I feel their sadness and mixture of happiness
I see people fundraising
Having concerts with stars
Making charities
Giving free food to the poor people
Some people leave their comfortable lives
To work with people who are poor
And less fortunate than we are
Churches working to raise money
For poor stricken countries
Students raising money
For children to buy books
Hoping to help them learn
School students on going
Pilgrimages to help people
And give them words of hope and strength
Seeing this happen,
Makes me smile
I see hope
For the future
I know this for sure
Together, we can make our World a better place


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