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Slavery needs to STOP NOW!!!

Poetry By: tvmotltf134

Slavery really needs to stop now, coz I'm really against it. If you find this offensive, don't even bother to put up an argument and stupid exsuses. Coz, I'll just delete it, coz I'm extremely angry just to think about People suffering.
I hope you enjoy this. . . Especially guffo1

Submitted:Aug 12, 2009    Reads: 163    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Slavery in the World today.
To people who buy slaves
Needs to stop
It really does
Slavery is forced labour,
Where Human beings,
Like you and me,
Are treated as animals,
Are treated as property,
Are treated as trash,
Are held against their will,
Are deprived of the things,
You and I take for granted
Imagine being a Slave,
Put yourselves in one's shoes
Think of the hard work,
Tough life and treatment they have
Before thinking of buying slaves,
Do you think?
Are they not Humans like me?
Don't they deserve their own rights?
Aren't they important?
Isn't this very wrong?
But oh no . . .
You don't do that,
You go to the Slave market
Purchase a young child or adult
Easy as that,
You have your slave
You might think
Big deal
They're just slaves
But look deeper,
They're people for heaven's sake
Just like you and me
They don't deserve it
They have a great life and future
Ahead of them
You are just like a MURDERER and THIEF
You murder the Slave emotionally
You yourself are a thief,
Worse than the Worst thief
For stealing, and taking that
Slave's dream and future away
You should be disgusted,
Ashamed of yourself
Of your behaviour
Of your thinking
How dare you
How could you
Who gave you the right?
To take someone
Someone like you
Someone with flesh and blood
Someone vulnerable
Someone helpless by force
Who do you think you are?
To do something like that
Why do you do that?
Search your heart
If you need Slaves for something
Why don't you get
Off your lazy butts,
Beds and lounges and
Do your work yourself
What makes you think,
Just because you think
Oh I can't do this, it's too hard,
You force someone else
Against their own will
To do your job for you by force
And they get nothing
In return from you
Not even a single penny
Because you think
Oh their cheap
Thinking their cheap labour
Because you brought them,
For a cheap price in that
Abhorrent, beastly, detestable, appalling place
You call a Slave market
Go to a library
Pick up a book about Slavery
Read people's accounts of their lives as Slaves
See how those people feel
See how their lived have been ruined
So next time before
You take yourself to that
Horrible place called a Slave market
Ask yourselves
Is this correct?
Is this right?
If you stop buying slaves,
You'll make yourselves innocent of sin
If you have any Slaves
Let them go
Let them be free
Free to fly like a bird
Let them live their life
Follow their hearts desire
Find the kindness and love
In your heart
Ask them for forgiveness
Support them
Help them
Make a difference to your Slave
If slavery stops
Everyone will be happy
Slavery will just become
A thing of the past
Lets all work together
Even more to stop the slavery
Going on
This doesn't go to one person,
Place, country, or continent alone,
This goes to every person, who has
And buys Slaves,
This goes to every place, country
And continent where Slavery still goes on
Slavery needs to stop
Now . . . Before it's too late
Together, everyone can lend
A helping hand to stop slavery


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