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Bad Temper

By: veltzshmertz

Page 1, this is a poem, I can\'t exactly place the meaning in it\'s entiretly. It\'s, in essence, a janble of emotions: bitterness, annoyance, depression also perhaps.



Bad temper

Temperature changes as quickly as can be, yet

The memory lingers as long as it may.


One bad temper has the ability to erase a million smiles

Devils writhe and slither over my bleeding heart

Is it poison or death?

Neither, it’s just bad thoughts

 no ghost, no shadow Puppet – it’s me.

It is! In the flesh, in the soul?

Wait, can it be

Now I’m zoning out, I see my brain crowded and

Gloomy, a veil—behind my eyes

--> now the tip of my head

Now just a dot

That’s it

I am not



  •  I like the things I wrote,

they might be harsh , they might be gloomy 

but they all run through me...


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