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By: veltzshmertz

Page 1, This poem is about the search for personal depth. It\'s questioning - questioning our desires, are capability...




Searching is endless,

trails scattered along the path,


every new try an opportunity – the despair reverberating ever more loudly

Reason notwithstanding, the endeavors lengthen,

only Weariness urges you to continue.


Baffled by your own conjectures a frown begins to set, growing deeper as time wares on.

Meaning is elusive, suspense

holds you from day to passing day.

Analysis ongoing, you trudge on…

a small pebble trips you up – as you stumble understanding  strikes.

 In the end, profound thoughts seethed. Boiling down to a single pebble of truth – a warped cycle has left you blackened and burned within the confines of your own mind.


                                                  The wish to be profound is, to most, a wish to waist away under burdened scrutiny.

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