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Solitude/time space continuam

By: veltzshmertz

Page 1, solitude is a poem trying to express loneliness.




Alone in a crowded room

A wave of noise – a wash of words

Reach my shores, the tide

Too late to catch, too late to grasp

Too late for it all to laps


Lips who have long since forgotten meaning

 Mimic those who do proceed

A gaping hole, a muted roar

Their hidden meaning, once well known

A pensive stare in sheer despair,

for the sake of emptiness,

Now sought after in all its’ grace.


Frayed and tattered ends, now sown

As one, fall through the fumbling grasp

Of the growing break in time and space.


But no single thought can be

       Re-captured, no stray sound un-done

                Thank god for the time space continuum

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