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Three Simple Words ( I AM SORRY)

By: whiteroses

Page 1, Is it easy to say these 3 short words?


How could three little words be so hard to say?

Separated so easy and can be said all day

Together the most difficult to blurt

Out to someone you’ve truly hurt

I----- AM---- SORRY

So many ways it can be said

But none sweeter and more profound as one said with sincerity

When you look into the person’s teary eyes

Tell her you will finally stop the lies

And meet her eyes with clarity

I----- AM---- SORRY

Three simple words don’t easily fix what went wrong

But it’s the start that helps mend the broken heart

I’m sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry for being so blind

I’m sorry for thinking it’s better to be apart

Let us just put it all behind

I----- AM---- SORRY

Three of the easiest words can take you out of the dog house

These are the words that can alter a broken home

I apologize for leaving you my adored love; I’ll never do it again

I won’t ever leave you alone

I----- AM---- SORRY

The happiness these uncomplicated words bring

Makes crazy people jump around and sing

They aid love in its rebirth

These are the simplest words on Earth

I----- AM---- SORRY



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