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The Heat Of The Moment

By: willow brook

Page 1, The Heat Of The Moment!

You walk in through the open doorway
I look up from my unfinished poem
A flame of unbridled passion unfolded within me
You look my way and my heart misses several beats
My palms sweaty, I knew I must quench this hot burning hunger that you arouse inside my mind, my soul.
I walk towards you noticing the silky beads of sweat
running down the masculine features of your face
and down your tanned manly chest.

So slowly!
So hypnotic!
So sexy!
So salty to the taste!

I lick my lips at the thought of kissing your hot full mouth.
Then I look into your eyes while moving you slowly backwards towards the nearest wall, Words weren’t needed.
The want was there, the need in him was erect, and responsive.
Energy from our lovemaking entwined with the vibrations of our souls, and we were swept into a magnetism of electrifying intimacy creating a oneness so great that the heat of the moment remained.

Forever inviting!
Forever together!
Forever united as one!
-Written By Robyn Brown

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