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Yellow And Green Makes Blue

By: willow brook

Page 1, just playing around, hope you enjoy ;)

Little Joey kangaroo
sat by his mother having a poo
Mother looked and thought oh no!  
I'd better move oh no! to slow!

Pussy cat with eyes of green
licks its paws to keep them clean
While pussy cat with eyes of blue
sits inside his masters shoe.

Tiny piglet with curly tail
plays a game with A water pail.
One hoof in and one hoof out
snorting proudly with his snout.

Charming monkey bowed hello,
and cheeky monkey took the show.
While sleepy monkey dreamed of snow
and eating peanuts nice and slow.

Little chicken all fluffy and yellow
stepped into a bowl of green Jello
At first he thought this was quite nice
until he turned blue then thought it was ice.
-Written by Robyn Brown

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