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The Noun "Friendship"

By: WinterFairy

Page 1, Searching for the true meaning of friendship can be hard...this is my interpretation of it :)

Friendship is this imaginary blessing that binds us together;
It is both love and hate all rolled up into one.
It consists of best friends rolling their eyes,
And of sleepovers where you stay up all night.
It is the ghost stories we share for fun
And the real stories of our lives that are equally as terrifying.
This "friendship" is seeing your friend with a boy,
But being happy for her because she is happy.
This is about being there for him or her
And listening or talking when need be.
It is about the memories you will never forget
Because you had such a great time
Or about the bad memories with friends
That you wish you could take back.
Friendship is a girl secretly longing for a guy friend
But pained by the things she has done to him.
It is five girls staying up late to watch Lord of the Rings,
And of an entire class being bonded with one another
Because they had been in the same english class
Ever since 7th grade.
It is about standing up in front of 40 of your peers
And not feeling the least bit afraid.
Friendship is talking nonsense and gibberish with friends
And punching anyone who makes fun of them.
It is the urge to forgive and forget
But also to hate and ignore.
It is the stupid things we all do
Like not holding our tongue....or our eyes...
Or just acting like complete and totalĀ idiots.
It is hurt feelings and tears,
But also looking up at the stars with wonder.
Most of all, it is five friends standing outside during a fire alarm at school
And while laughing and smiling, they join feet and take a picture.
It is what molds us and destroys us,
What loves us and what guides us,
And for that we should cherish it all the more.

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