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The Way the Wind Blows

By: WinterFairy

Page 1, Poem of a princess longing for more...

The Way the Wind Blows

Looking out

Towards the sea,

As the waves crash

Around me.

They reach up

To where I stand,

Safe for now

On dry land,

But I teeter

On my toes,

as behind me

The wind blows.

No point resisting:

I have for too long.

So I give in

To the wind’s sweet song.

Skinny and frail,

I think of the past,

Wishing for

The fall to last.

Never loved,

And too smart

With no hope

Of a fresh start.

Down I fall

To greet the sea,

My crown falling

Just past me

And as my dress billows

Out, with my locks

I see not the sea

But sharp rocks.

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