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Time Wasted Away

By: WinterFairy

Page 1, You never know when you are going to run out of time, so don\'t waste any of it...

Time Wasted Away


If time to waste

Is time to spend

Then I have none

To defend.

Hours too short;

The minutes too long.

It doesn’t make sense

For I do no wrong.

This torment

Will always last

Unless for those

That act fast

And be rid of a life

 They didn’t want to live

And ask God for time

He’s too selfish to give.

Time, Time,

And none to spend

With no way for it

To amend.

Wasted away

In a pit of sorrow,

Lost without Time,

With none to borrow.

Only have hours

Perhaps even less

Before I’m consumed

In silent darkness.

No more Time

And no more light,

My soul is too tired

To even fight,

Maybe spending my last hours

Creating this rhyme

Before the very end

Of my wasted Time.

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