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A Writer is Funny

By: WriterWorm

Page 1, This is my first shot at poems so comments and opinions as well as advice is welcomed. I want to enter this in a contest so tell me if it is worthy. This is \"A Writer is Funny.\"

A Writer is Funny.
He Can Be Sad, Happy, or Mad.
A Writer is Funny,
He Shares his Thoughts with You,
And You Always Listen.

A Writer is Funny.
You Can Not Confront Him,
Help Him,
Or Save Him,
And You Can Certainly Not Change His Story.

A Writer is Funny.
He Writes With Such Passion,
Such Heart,
Such Love,
That You Feel Like It’s Happened.

A Writer is Funny.
He Loves All What He’s Done,
It’s His Accomplishment.

A Writer is Funny.
He Never Frowns Upon His Work,
Although He Never Beams.
And Why Does He Love It?
Because It’s Him And His Dream.

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