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As I Hug You

By: WriterWorm

Page 1, Sounds a little weird at first then it makes sense at the end. Tell me what you think. I love feedback!

As I hug you,
The world stops spinning,
It doesn’t matter what I do,
Cause I feel like I’m always winning.

As I hug you,
My world is forgotten,
I love you thick and thin through,
And I feel like I’m just trotting.

As I hug you,
My worries blow away,
It doesn’t matter who,
Not more or less today.

As I hug you,
I feel your steamy breath on my back,
And you are always true,
There’s no need for tack.

You are always there,
You are always kind,
As beautiful you are, I stare,
For you are my equine.

I never have to worry with you,
Life only feels like a course,
It doesn’t matter your age, size, color, or name,
Because you show me freedom,
For you are my horse.

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