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In Honor of the Great Maximum Ride

By: WriterWorm

Page 1, 1. I have not finished the series. I have just finished The Final Warning so don\'t give away anything after that. 2. I LOVE this series so I wrote a poem. People who don\'t know about the series will still enjoy it although you might not understand it.

I am not stupid,
Insane, maybe a bit,
crazy, it’s quite possible,
but stupid I am not.

I do not doubt myself,
I always go off my first vibe,
and perhaps it sometimes fails,
but it works out in the end.

I have seen immense horror,
Yes, I have seen death,
I have been through betrayal,
and I can sense any lie.

I am aware my story isn’t finished,
heck, I have no idea if it’s almost done,
I am aware of my control,
but that’s never guaranteed.

My love is very low,
it’s really never shone,
my heart only loves a few,
and those few are my flock.

Yes, I can fly,
some may call it special,
it’s caused more trouble than reward,
and why? Because I am


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