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Tell Max I....

By: WriterWorm

Page 1, Dedicated to the Greatest Dog Ever. 2001 - 2012

Tell him I love him,
Tell him I miss him,
Tell him I notice the grass isn’t greener.

Tell him I still hear his barking when a car comes,
Tell him I cry most every night,
Tell him I don’t feel as safe without his warning barks.

Tell him I wish he was still here,
Tell him I am sorry for not playing as much,
Tell him I regret everything.

Tell him I thought he was the best dog ever,
Tell him I miss saying I have a dog,
Tell him I still think he is part wolf.

Tell him I miss him dearly,
Tell him I think life is more dreary,
Tell him I can’t face his grave.

Tell him I say dad cry,
Tell him I wish him a Merry Christmas,
And most importantly, tell him I see what they mean but you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

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